Mr. Curiosity
The Elizabeth Worthington Episode

The Elizabeth Worthington Episode

November 22, 2021

WNEP’s Elizabeth Worthington educates Joe on her catholic school girl upbringing in Philadelphia, psychiatrist grandfather, college ambiguity and her drive to play direct, professional “verbal volleyball” with other humans!

This multimedia journalist may not need a videographer, but she definitely needs a husband and three kids “soon"… huh?!?

Show your eyes some love too and watch past Mr. Curiosity Vodcasts on the WNEP YouTube channel.

The Dr. Deom Episode

The Dr. Deom Episode

November 8, 2021

Joe and Dr. James Deom, Optometrist at Hazleton Eye Specialists discuss everything from serious eye care to not-so-serious eyeball dissections and Joe's cheap habit of buying frames and glasses online!

Learn, laugh and give your eyes some love!

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